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        không biết xổ số miền trung

        phone: 1300 776 222 

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        “Effective irrigation is good design and management”

        Hawkesbury Valley Irrigation stocks a wide range of products and service the agricultural, horticultural, turf farms, turf suppliers domestic as well as industrial and commercial sectors.

        • Pumps
        • Sprinklers
        • PVC Pipe and Fittings
        • Poly Pipe and Fittings
        • Water Treatment
        • Drip and Micro Irrigation
        • Filtration                 
        • Windmills
        • Commercial/Industrial Fittings  
        • Galvanised Fittings
        • Chemical Dosing Units
        • Soft & Hard Hose Travelling Irrigators
        • Bore Water Solutions
        • Fertigation
        • Controllers
        • Hoses and Fittings
        • Pond Pumps and Filters

        We pride ourselves on our...

        • Customer service & workmanship
        • Prompt Service
        • Sound advice & knowledge
        • On- site mobile service
        • Affordable prices
        • Product Range

        Our qualified and experienced staff are only too happy to assist you with your irrigation and
        pumping requirements so call us on 1300 776 222.


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        không biết xổ số miền trung